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Call & Win

Engage your customers over the phone

HORISEN is the best Call & Win application provider on the market.

You want

  • Easy to participate in winning game for your customers
  • High quality customer database
  • No extra operational costs

We have

  • The best phone winning game on the market
  • Automated system for data collection and export
  • Pre-defined Call & Win campaign prices


  • Quick & Easy participation
  • Automated answer recording possible
  • Campaign frequency is completely adjustable
  • Customer data export (Excel, CSV)
  • Time-limited campaigns
  • Online admin panel for campaign settings
  • Real-time statistics
  • And many more features


  • Collect customer data quickly and easily
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Attract wider target groups (audience)
  • Quality customer contact database
  • Great sales promotion tool
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HORISEN’s Call & Win app manages the whole process from registration, playing voice prompts, recording caller speech and promotion analytics. You can re-use any existing premium number you have, otherwise we provide you that as well. Participating is as easy as placing a call, your administration efforts are close to zero.

The Call & Win application allows you to organize a winning game over the phone for thousands of customers at once. Due to our highly automated process run by HORISEN’s system, your administrative costs are at a minimum. If you use our Premium numbers in order to run a campaign, you can generate additional revenue with your Call & Win campaign. The Call & Win application is fully automated from participant registration, production of recorded announcements/voices and another sound recordings necessary for gathering additional contact details from participants or guessing the winning word, for example.
You can easily set the sound played for your outgoing messages – many such sound files can be downloaded from our system.

All you need to set up a quality Call & Win application is a 090x number. If you already have this number, the process is even easier – we import it and it’s ready for use. Otherwise, we will provide you with a 090x number.
Call & Win is an application that you’ve got a full control over and can modify its parameters at any time. Detailed statistics found in our system give you all the necessary information and provide all the data you could ever want to plan your next Call & Win campaign.
Participation in a Call & Win campaign is very simple: Participants dial your 090x number and follow the instructions. That’s it.
Because it’s so simple, Call & Win is the application many customers will use to try their luck and win great prizes!

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Call and Win Image


Preparations from your side

  1. Idea for Call & Win campaign (e.g. sales)
  2. Record a message which will be played for winning game participants
  3. Determine prize rates and numbers (1 x Smart TV, 5 x shop card, etc.)
  4. Enter all prizes in the Call & Win online system administration console
  5. Advertise your Call & Win campaign on your website and announce prizes
  6. Set Call & Win campaign starting and ending dates
  7. Get started

How your customers participate in your Call & Win campaign

  1. Participants dial your 0901 number or a premium-rate number
  2. The system responds by playing a recorded message (IVR service – interactive voice response)
  3. The Call & Win application records and sorts the answers or different keywords
  4. The system sends additional messages (if any)
  5. Participants subscribe to your email newsletter by going to your website for additional coupons
  6. This is the part where your future marketing activities start