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HORISEN Marketing Suite:
A wide array of marketing tools on one platform

Run effective marketing campaigns and increase conversions

HORISEN’s Marketing Suite products are designed to help you reach different types of marketing goals – build customer loyalty, generate leads, raise brand awareness or stand out from the competition by offering additional loyalty methods to your clients. Built to satisfy a wide range of marketing needs, our solutions are ideal for companies of all types and sizes that want to implement innovative marketing initiatives.

Winning games, voting, loyalty system – you can have it all!

All HORISEN Marketing Suite products are stand-alone solutions, no other additional 3rd party software is needed. Pick individual tools to integrate with your existing marketing and CRM systems or use our complete toolset for full mobile marketing coverage and seamless user experience.

HORISEN Marketing Suite products are built for different marketing purposes. Pick the ones that best satisfy your specific needs and start achieving your goals in no time!

Business Messenger

HORISEN Business Messenger is a professional web-based campaign manager for mobile marketing. Engage your customers with personalized and timely messages with a feature-rich and easy-to-use business-messaging software.

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Megapromo is a coupon winning game ideal for improving customer loyalty and boosting sales. Your customers collect unique codes distributed in different ways: on the products, social media, or website.

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iCard is a digital customer loyalty program which will get purchasers more often to your store, increase sales, and attract new customers. All you need to use this system is an internet-enabled cash register or a tablet with the Internet connection.

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This Winning Game Application is ideal for all sorts of SMS and online winning games. SMS&Win system collects valuable customer data which you can add to your CRM and use for direct marketing campaigns.

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Call&Win is a premium number based voice application which enables you to easily organize and carry out different winning games over the phone. Collect customer data for future marketing activities and generate quality leads.

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SMS&Vote service is suitable for any SMS voting campaign: for elections, surveys, polls, and competitions. It is an excellent engagement tool. In combination with Premium SMS, it allows you to actually monetize your campaigns.

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Call&Vote is a phone voting system which can be used with regular or premium phone numbers which enables you to successfully monetize your voting campaigns.

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SMS&Pay is a Premium based app ideal for those who want to offer additional payment option to their clients. Offer your clients an easy, fast and safe way of purchasing with. Simply add our API to your online shop and start taking your SMS orders.

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Enable your clients with the easiest and safest way to buy your products and services fully anonymous – over the phone. Call&Pay solution works on every telecom operator’s system and is a great additional feature for your online shop.

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