Digital customer loyalty card

Loyalty program for increasing customers’ lifelong value

Reward customer loyalty, increase customer retention rates, drive sales

HORISEN iCard is a customer loyalty program which allows you to keep track of your customers’ purchases, reward their continuous trust and increase their lifetime value. In contrast to a physical customer card, which clients need to have with them when making a purchase, the iCard allows identification by the user’s mobile phone number only.

Have your clients come back for more!

iCard, with its rich set of features, is everything you need to run successful customer loyalty program. Use our comprehensive solution to collect high quality customer data, understand your clients and their purchasing behavior, reward their loyalty and increase their lifetime value.

Comprehensive administration portal

Set up program rules and track program success

  • View customer data and use it for different marketing campaigns

  • Set up loyalty program rules

  • Create special promo coupons – for specific purchases, birthdays

  • Use predefined SMS templates or define your own to inform customers about program registration process, thank them for their purchases, remind them about vouchers

  • View detailed customer and sales statistics

Automated voucher generation

  • Determine voucher-creation rules

    • Issue vouchers based on the number of purchases or purchase amount

    • Reward customers with absolute credit, percent value or an item from your store

    • Determine validity period and usage limitations

  • Create and preview voucher templates

  • After the voucher rules have been met, vouchers are sent directly to your customers via mail

  • View all issued vouchers in your dashboard

Easy-to-use employee portal

Allow your store staff to easily sign up customers for the loyalty program

  • Use Internet-enabled cash register or tablet to add customer purchases

    • Enter customer’s mobile number

    • Add purchase amount

    • Add receipt number (optional)

  • Easily track refunds and make purchase-related corrections

  • Automatically send registration instructions via SMS

Intuitive customer portal

Allow your customers to register online to be able to track their purchases and redeem vouchers

  • Collect customer data to use it for targeted marketing activities

  • Provide customers with the opportunity to update their data

  • Allow your customers to see their purchases and vouchers

  • Give your customers insights into what they need to do to get their next coupon

Interested to learn more?

For more details, please visit the HORISEN iCard website, or talk to sales