Call & Vote

Call and Vote

Web-based app for running voting campaigns over the phone

Give your target audience a voice, collect user data, generate revenue

HORISEN Call&Vote is an online application which allows you to easily set up and manage your phone voting campaigns. It works both with regular and premium numbers and is suitable for carrying out all types of voting – elections, polls, surveys.

Monetize your phone voting campaigns!

Call&Vote, with its simple configuration process and flexible prices, is everything you need to run and monetize your phone voting campaigns. Use our comprehensive solution to engage your audience in various voting campaigns and establish a new source of revenue.

How does «Call&Vote» work?

Easily configure voting settings and track results in real-time

  • Determine which phone number responds to which voting option

  • Set up prices for the calls – make the voting free or charge for every vote

  • Fully automate the entire voting process

    • Participants vote by calling your voting number(s)

    • The system responds with the pre-recorded message and gives the voting instructions

    • The system sorts the data and sums up results for each voting option

    • The call automatically ends after the vote has been placed

  • Track the results in real-time

    • Stay up-to-date with results at all times

    • Publish the results with a single click

      • Visual representations of the results available

  • Collect voters’ data

    • In case you want to collect user data, an answering machine can be added into the call flow so that the users can record the message to leave you their data

How to make the most out of your phone voting campaigns?

Make it easy for your audience to voice their opinion, charge for votes and get added value by collecting their data for further marketing activities

  • Make it clear which number should be called for which voting option

  • Set prices that are acceptable for your audience but allow you to make profits

  • Record the call auto-responder message with clear and easy to follow instructions

  • Ask users to leave their you their data to complete the voting process

  • Drive sales by offering discount coupons in return for product and service feedback

  • Make the results transparent and publicly available as soon as the voting ends

Why use Call&Vote?

Call&Vote system is an excellent choice for any campaign that includes gathering public opinion and votes: parliament elections, TV and radio competitions (beauty contests, singing competitions, etc.), phone research, collecting customer feedback, etc.

Call&Vote allows you to:

  • Run voting campaigns for thousands of users at once

  • Automatically collect the votes and sum up results

  • Track voting results online in real-time

  • Share results with a single click

  • Record call auto-responders with instructions, thank you messages, etc.

  • Monetize votes by using premium numbers

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