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Let your customers pay with their phones.

Safe, fast and easy payment system anyone can use.

This service works on every telecom provider’s system.

The easiest payment method via phone with «Call&Pay»

Let your customers pay with their phones

Enable quick & safe payment with «Call&Pay».

There is no easier way to do any kind of payment than using a telephone. «Call&Pay» is a great alternative to existing payment systems which works on every telecom operator’s system.

To ensure that all possible amounts can be charged, we offer different billing variants.

  • Drop Charge

  • Pay per Minute Fix

  • Pay per Minute Variable

  • Pay for Credit

No matter what your pricing model is – «Call&Pay» offers you always a suitable solution according to your needs.

Features / Advantages


«Call&Pay» is the most secure payment method.

Very fast

A transaction is processed within a few seconds.


Each of your customers can use this payment method.

Enrich your Online Shop!

Give all your potential customers the opportunity to buy your great service and product. «Call&Pay» can be used by anyone.

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