Call & Pay

Call&Pay payment system

Fast and simple phone payment service

Make it easy for your customers to pay for your products and services

HORISEN Call&Pay is a phone service that allows your clients to pay for your products and services by placing a call to your premium numbers. The service implementation is simple and it works on every telecom provider’s system. This makes the solution perfect for changing your over-the-phone services (like phone support, chat services, etc.) and as an addition to your existing online payment system

Enrich your online shop with a payment method your customers will love!

Call&Pay is a fast, easy and secure payment option, ideal for any product/service pricing model. Although mostly used for charging over-the-phone services or for downloading chargeable Internet content (pay per minute – fixed or variable call length), it can be used in your existing online store as an additional payment method for any product or service (pay per event – drop call)

How does Call&Pay work?

Easily integrate over-the-phone payment service into your payment system

  • Get premium numbers – we will provide those to you

  • Define the price for every product / service

  • Decide how you will charge for your products / services

    • Depending on the length of the call (if the service is provided over the phone, etc.)

    • Fixed price per call (for selling regular products with fixed price)

  • Fully automate the entire payment process

    • Buyers call the premium number you provided

    • They use your phone service or listen to the pre-recorded message and follow the instructions to finalize the payment in your online store

    • The service / product is charged on their mobile phone bill

  • Track purchase statistics

Why do your buyers love to make payments via a phone call service?

Phone call payments are very popular among buyers as they allow them to:

  • Complete the purchases quickly and easily – they just need to dial the number you provided

  • Purchase goods and services without disclosing their credit card or bank details, or without even having a bank account

  • Make payments without having to remember any passwords or usernames like with payment sites such as PayPal

  • Stay anonymous - without their personal or account details being released

  • Postpone the actual charge until the next phone bill is due

Why should you use Call&Pay?

  • It is easy to set up and use

  • It is a perfect way to charge for the services that you provide via phone (phone counseling, support call centers, etc.) or for chargeable digital content (e-Books, music, online games)

  • Adding additional - safe, simple and easy payment method to your online store helps you stand out from the competition

  • It guarantees buyers’ anonymity, which is highly appreciated when purchasing certain goods and services

  • You don’t need agreements with different mobile operators – we handle everything for you

  • It allows you to accept payments from everyone who has either a mobile or a landline phone – basically everyone

  • It makes it possible to receive payments from the millions of clients who don’t have a bank account or a credit card

  • All the billing is handled by the mobile phone operator – you don’t need to worry about verifying customers’ identities, chasing payments or cards being declined

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