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Rating Certificate for No. 1 quality service

Extraordinary business performance comes with high-quality service provided by HORISEN.

Rating Certificate from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)

HORISEN AG holds the Rating Certificate from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). The risk indicator AA1 of D&B is a great compliment and, at the same time, a strong recognition for the commercial and financial stability of our company. Only about 2% of Swiss companies qualify for this award. With total score of 100 points (maximum) we are well above the industry average.

As a holder of a D&B Rating Certificate, we assure the investment stability and safety of our services. The competitive advantage proved by this award gives us the credibility among our customers and provides a strong positive recommendation. This information is very important for our current and future customers since it guarantees the stability of our business services.

Sustainable revenue and overall business performance is of paramount importance to us. Our customers are the most important factor that drives the quality of our services and products developed within HORISEN.

HORISEN’s services are safe and trusted – with us you get a healthy and stable company as reliable partner on your path to success.

Google Certified Partner Agency

HORISEN fulfils the required criteria for the Google certification and therefore proudly qualifies as a "Google Partner". The certification stands for expert knowledge in dealing with Google AdWords and is only awarded to trustworthy enterprises which meet the conditions laid down by Google quality requirements. This quality we would like to share with you.

Google describes its certified partners as the following:

  • Google partners always remain up to date
  • Google partners have brains
  • Google partners have access to Google support / training and products
  • Google partners apply the best practices of Google

HORISEN staff are continuously trained to be able to keep the standards of a Google certified partner now and also in the future. Consequently, the best possible advice and support to customers is given. With us you are, thanks to the experience of our Google experts, one step ahead of your competitors.

HORISEN- services are secure and trustworthy - with us you get a sound and stable company as a reliable partner on the road to success.